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  • Cloud Computing: The Journey Yet To Begin

    Cloud Computing: The Journey Yet To Begin

    Cloud computing is arguably the most important innovation the IT industry has seen for many years—comparable to the move from mainframes to personal computers. The benefits to enterprise users of cloud-based services are potentially significant, including savings from the reduction of fixed infrastructure costs and greater flexibility to scale IT resources up or down as circumstances dictate. Yet the path to a cloud-computing future is littered with obstacles, according to Dimension Data, a South Africa-based provider of IT software and services.

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  • A Technology Talent Crunch

    A Technology Talent Crunch

    The hunt for IT talent in western Europe is growing ever more difficult, according to Sage. As one of the region's largest providers of business-management software and services, the UK-based company employs about 13,500 employees globally, with around 20% in research and development and 15% in technical support roles. Employee turnover runs at about 15% annually, and so the company needs to fill some 2,000 jobs a year even before it considers any growth initiatives.

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  • The Payoffs and Perils of IT Industry Policy

    The Payoffs and Perils of IT Industry Policy

    Policymakers are widely credited with making South Korea an IT powerhouse and one of the world's most connected countries. It ranks a respectable 19th in the 2011 IT Industry Competitive Index. But government efforts to foster a competitive IT sector have come in for plenty of criticism, too.

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